Tip #1:
Invest the Time Well

If we think logically for a moment, what would be the most profitable way to invest our time? Would it be to immerse ourselves in working hard to earn the pleasures of this temporary world or would it be to immerse ourselves in doing good deeds to earn the pleasures of the eternal Hereafter? Surely the answer is simple and clear - We should prefer that which is everlasting to that which will pass away. Yet, does that mean that we should leave the life of this world aside completely and spend every moment of our day in prayer? No, not at all for worship is not confined to just acts of prayer, fasting, and charity.

Verily, with the right intentions, correct knowledge and sincere heart we can earn reward and worship Allaah through most, if not all of our daily actions. We will learn to profit from our time when we take permissible acts such as eating, going to the toilet, taking care of children, etc. and make them a source of reward. For instance, if we cook a meal just for the sake of accomplishing a daily chore, there is no reward in the hereafter for this action.

However, if we cook the same meal for Allaah's pleasure alone, with halaal ingredients and with the intention of pleasing the husband and looking after our family and feeding them healthy food so they can be strong to worship Allaah better, then there can be very much reward insha'Allaah.

Even in eating, if we say Bismillaah before we eat, eat from that which is halaal, and praise Allaah after we eat (remembering Him and being grateful to Him for what He has given us) we can earn reward. Thus whether doing household chores, looking after the children, cooking, etc. We can earn reward by doing things according to the Sunnah and by having the right intentions (i.e. to do the deed for Allaah's Pleasure alone).

The Prophet said (which means):" Actions are by intentions; and every person will receive what he had intended. So whoever intended to migrate for the sake of Allaah and His Messenger, his migration will be for Allaah and His Messenger. And whoever intended to migrate for the sake of some worldly benefit, or in order to marry a woman, then his migration will be for that for which he migrated." (Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim)

Plant each deed with the right intention in a good manner (i.e. in accordance to the Sunnah) and the action will be fruitful. Life is busy and time is a resource we cannot afford to waste. We should not only continue to strive to do the most rewardable deeds such as prayer, fasting, and reciting Qur'aan, acquiring correct knowledge of Islaam, etc., but we should also make haste to turn our daily lives into a wealth of reward.

Tip #2:
Invest your Money Well

We should never consider giving charity as a loss for verily it is a gain from which we can benefit from in this world and in the Hereafter. Allaah says what is translated to mean: "The parable of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allaah is that of a grain of corn: it groweth seven ears, and each ear hath a hundred grains. Allaah giveth manifold increase to whom He pleases: Allaah careth for all and He knoweth all things." (Al-Baqarah 2:261)

"Who is he that will loan to Allaah a beautiful loan? For (Allaah) will increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have (besides) a generous reward." (Al-Hadeed 57:11)

"For those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to Allaah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a generous reward." (Al-Hadeed 57:18)

Tip #3:
"Employ" others to increase your Productivity Output.

Increase your rewards by encouraging others to do good deeds. You will be rewarded for their deeds without having their rewards diminished in the least. Allaah tells us in the Qur'aan what is translated to mean: "Whosoever intercedes for a good cause will have the reward thereof, and whosoever intercedes for an evil cause will have a share in it's burden. And Allaah is ever All-Able to do (and also an All-Witness) to everything."(AN-Nisaa'4:85)

As one person, we are very limited in the amount of good deeds we can do on our own, but by encouraging others to do good we open up the opportunities to earn massive amounts of reward. In this regard, we can not just sit back after we have enjoined the good upon others. We must strive to do it ourselves within what is in our ability. we should beware of being like the person mentioned in the following hadeeth

Narrated Abu Wail: Somebody said to Usamah, "Will you go to so-and-so (i.e. advise him regarding ruling the country)?" He said, "You see that I don't talk to him. Really I talk to (advise) him secretly without opening the gate (of affliction), for neither do I want to be the first to open it (i.e. rebellion), nor will I say to a man who is my ruler that he is the best of all people after I have heard from Allaah's Messenger." They said, "What have you heard him saying?" He said, "I have heard him saying, { A man will be brought on the Day of Resurrection and thrown in the (Hell)Fire, so that his intestines will come out, and he will go around like a donkey goes around a millstone. The people of (Hell) Fire will gather around him and say: O so-and-so! What is wrong with you? Didn't you use to order us to do good deeds and forbid us to do bad deeds? He will reply: Yes, I you use to order you to do good deeds, but I did not do them myself, and I used to forbid you to do bad deeds, yet I used to do them myself.} (Al-Bukhaaree)

May Allaah help us to earn the rewards of encouraging others to do good and protect us from His punishment. Ameen. Whether man or woman, sick or healthy, blind or with sight, rich or poor we can all profit from these tips insha'Allaah. We don't need any capital to start other than faith, correct knowledge of the religion, and a sincere heart.

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